Anne Niemetz

(media artist)

Specific interests include the exploration of audio-visual interactions, as well as the larger field of collaborations between design and technology, art and science. Currently, she is the video director for the multimedia opera Kairo, a production by Art Zoyd, which will be premiered in France in 2009. Recently she exhibited The Dark Side of the Cell III, an art-science collaboration project at the ‘Microwave International New Media Festival’ in Hong Kong in 2008. Anne holds a Media Arts degree from the Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe (HfG), Germany, with a focus in digital media and interactive sound installation. She continued her studies at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) where she received an MFA in Design and Media Arts in 2004. In 2007 she moved to New Zealand, where she now holds the position of Senior Lecturer in the Digital Media Design programme at Victoria University of Wellington.

One response to “Anne Niemetz


    Hello everyone,
    It is exciting to have so many interesting people together in one project, and I am very much looking forward to meeting all of you! I wanted to briefly introduce myself and speak about my interest in this
    project. As you may have read in the short bio, I am a media artist and designer with a wide range of interests and fields of work. I do enjoy collaboration work, be it with a large team of people in theatre projects or alone with my bio-chemist scientist collaborator. My work ranges from single channel video to interactive audio-visual installation, and I am open to exploring new types of creative expression. Below find links to some of my projects.

    I know almost nothing about sleep science. So maybe I am an ideal person for a sleep scientist to work with? Obviously I will be able to offer a perspective untroubled by discipline-specific knowledge 😉 But I love sleeping, and that I am an expert in (=not a morning person)! Jokes aside, I have a number of ideas that may be applicable in this project. Maybe it is possible to create an artistic interpretation of scientific data derived from sleep experiments. A sonification or visualisation of
    sleep data, projected into space… offering a different way of understanding the information. Or maybe it would be interesting to create a wearable technology project, working with the aesthetics of scientific tools… Using the body to control the environment – an artwork for the sleeping? What kind of creative work do sleep scientists “dream” of? I’m curious.

    Kind regards and see you soon,

    Home site:
    The Dark Side of the Cell project, art-sci collaboration:
    Void/Light, video:
    VUW Media Design site (where I teach):

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