Dr Andy Veale

(sleep and respiratory medicine specialist physician)

A physician in private practice in Auckland, with about 60% of his clinical work being sleep-related and 40% related to respiratory medicine and specialist diving-related consultations. He is the Clinical Director of Auckland Physiology (a private Lung Function Laboratory and Sleep Laboratory), a part-time clinical member of the Division of Medicine at Middlemore Hospital, and a clinical teacher for the Auckland University Medical School. In addition, Andy is a consultant to the Royal New Zealand Navy in diving and hyperbaric medicine. His special interests include diagnosis and management of obstructive sleep apnea and snoring.

One response to “Dr Andy Veale

  1. Rodger Puttick

    Hi Andy I read the article in the NZ Herald on Saturday.
    This may be of some interest to you. For some 15 or more years I have woken 3 to 7 times per night and had difficulty going back to sleep. In 2006 I had massive infection in my shoulder for 2 years and sleep was even less. In the 2010 year I did the interferon treatment for Hep C which killed the virus only to have it return when treatment stopped. I take no drugs, supplements, alcohol, antibiotics or anything else other than good food.

    This year I did 8 sessions of intravenous Vit C. 50 grams each time once a week.
    I now SLEEP ALL NIGHT EVERY NIGHT as amongst lots of other things as a byproduct of the Vit C.
    I used to snore, stop breathing, over heat, wake always at 3am, feel sore,have no energy, hardly farted, and lots more.

    If you would like to know more please reply with a contact number.

    Regards Rodger Puttick 021335633

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