Rosemary Gibson

(sleep psychologist and technologist)

Graduated from Plymouth University, UK in 2005 with a BSc Psychology honours degree. She developed a passion for the field of sleep whilst on an exchange year at Trent University in Canada where she completed course on sleep and arousal as well as the science of dreaming. On returning to Plymouth, Rosie’s honours dissertation concerned the relationship between sleep stages and declarative and procedural learning difficulties in obstructive sleep apnoea patients. From 2005 to 2007 Rosie worked as a Clinical Physiologist at the Bristol General Sleep Unit (UK) where she assessed and treated patients with respiratory sleep disorders. Rosie has completed the Registered Polysomnographic Technologists (RPSGT) exam as well as gaining a certificate in Teaching Adult Learners (Bristol City College). Her teaching experience includes lectures and workshops on basic sleep, supplementing high school psychology student sessions, and educating carers of the elderly in the field of sleep and aging. Rosie joined the Sleep/Wake Research Centre in 2008 when she was awarded a Commonwealth Federal Scholarship for postgraduate studies. Her MSc Psychology thesis involved monitoring 12-month-old infants, examining the factors that influence it their sleep. Currently Rosie is working on SWRC projects addressing the sleep of teenagers and retirees. She has also returned to working in the clinical sleep field whilst seeking funding to undertake her PhD from 2010.

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