Chris Harris

(IT technologist)

At an early age I decided that I would be an inventor so set about learning as much as I could about science and technology. Childhood creations included sail-bikes and rocket-ships with varying degrees of success and injuries. Explosive and corrosive substances were the despair of my parents who temporarily distracted me with electronics. Then it was high voltage sparks and electric shocks that kept them on tender hooks. No tape recorder, TV or radio was safe. I needed to find out what was inside. After while they actually worked when I put them back together again and people started bringing me their broken electronics in the hope I would bring them back to life. Naturally a career in electronics evolved and I soon found my self working with computers as well. I like working with wood, copper, brass, plastics, clay, plaster, valves, transistors, and source code. I believe well designed technology carries it’s own aesthetic.
More recently I have been preoccupied by the challenges of parenting.

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