Marcus McShane

(lighting designer / technical manager)

Marcus Mcshane has worked as a bicycle mechanic, a copywriter, a cycle courier, a language teacher, a translator, and is currently one of Wellington’s most prolific lighting designers, having designed over forty shows in the last two years.  Some of his recent designs have included Game, Son et Lumiere, Blackbird, Who Wants To Be 100, A Bright Room Called Day, Pighunt, Kiwi Moon, Seasons, Sensible Susan & the Queen’s Merkin, Like Someone In Love, Heroes, Love Song, Bombshells, Power and Persuasion, Postal, Mr Marmalade, Sleep/Wake, Live at Six, The Woolshed Sessions, Standing In Silence and Black Tuesday.  In 2007-2008 he also produced two installation works for Lion-Nathan (Night-Light), and he has recently returned from working in London on an animation with Peter Stenhouse, which was commissioned by New York’s Metropolitan Opera House (MET) for their 125th anniversary celebrations.  In 2009 he has also redesigned Heat which begins touring in July 2010 with it’s own containerised wind/solar power system as the world’s first entirely sustainably-powered theatre.  He has two Chapmann-Tripp awards, for his work on Homeland (2006) and Mr Marmalade (2008).  His installation works with afterburner have won both Fringe design and fine arts awards, and Marcus was also nominated for Chapmann Tripp lighting designer of the year in 2007.  He is fascinated with efficiency to the point of foolishness, a fascination that probably drives his love of bicycles and lists, and which he is exploring in the installation series Nag, premiering in the Wellington fringe 2010.  He also holds a masters degree in philosophy that he is philosophical about, having never really used it in any practical way.

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